Nonprofit Summit – Forming a non-profit and the steps to 501c3 status

DAVIS LAW’s CEO Marshal H. Davis, Esquire, MBA, LLM will be speaking on January 17, 2013 at the 13th IQnection Nonprofit Summit. His topic is “Forming a non-profit and the steps to 501c3 status“.  He will also be discussing how an organization can maintain its tax-exempt status once it is awarded by the IRS.

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Davis Law provides many services to non-profit organizations and tax-exempt entities.  The Firm serves nonprofits as their general counsel, particularly for organizations that do not have their own in-house full-time legal team.  Davis Law advises its clients in the formation of new nonprofits and in best practices, and risk mitigation for existing organizations, and the Firm provides board education seminars and legal advice for day-to-day issues such as contracts, employees, litigation mitigation / prevention, leases, wind-downs, state sales tax exemptions, federal income tax exemptions ( 501(c)(3), etc. ), and IRS audit defense.  Davis Law serves many non profits in a variety of industries and at multiple sizes and stages, including local, regional, collegiate, national, and international sports organizations, animal welfare organizations, human services, fire departments, volunteer ambulance groups, quasi-governmental organizations, educational organizations, science organizations, children services, schools, religious organizations, and more.

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