Bucks County Lawyer Marshal Davis Selected to Instruct Nonprofit Corporations Practicum at Temple Law School in Philadelphia for Future

Beginning in Spring 2013, Davis Law’s CEO, lawyer Marshal Davis Davis will be an instructor at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law for the practicum of the Juris Doctor (JD) level Nonprofit Corporations class.

This Practicum will provide the students the opportunity to work on pro bono legal matters for various nonprofit entities.  This experience should allow the students to hone relevant legal skills and develop judgment and problem-solving abilities.

Go Owls!

More on Temple Law’s practicum programs from Temple’s website:

The best legal education offers both thoughtful exploration of the big ideas that drive us as a society and hands-on exposure to the skills that make good lawyers such effective problem solvers. The Temple Law practicum is a unique experiential learning opportunity where a student and full-time faculty member engage collaboratively to solve a problem for a real client, often with the help of a practicing attorney.

Each practicum experience is unique. Students are responsible for finding their own placements and design the practicum in partnership with a faculty member and outside practitioner. Placements involve the actual practice of law and take place in a non-profit, judicial or governmental setting and select for-profit settings. Students work a minimum 10-12 hours per week, meet regularly with a faculty supervisor, attend four classes throughout the semester, and produce a final work product assigned by their faculty supervisor…

In today’s challenging and competitive professional environment, experience counts. Whether they find themselves in the courtroom, conference room, or classroom, the experiences our students have today will make the difference in their careers tomorrow. Temple Law School’s experiential programs are innovative in design, thoughtfully built on doctrine learned in our classrooms, and integrated throughout the curriculum. Temple Law has been a pioneer in experiential learning for more than a half century, and today’s innovative methods are grounded in the experience that only decades of leadership can bring.


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